REFF is a fake cultural institution enacting real policies for arts, creativity and freedoms of expression all over the world.

REFF was born in Italy in 2008. Since then it continuously operated using fake, remix, reinvention, recontextualization, plagiarism and reenactment as tools for the systematic reinvention of reality.

Defining what is real is an act of power. Being able to reinvent reality is an act of freedom. REFF promotes the dissemination and reappropriation of all technologies, theories and practices that can be used to freely and autonomously reinvent reality.

To do this, REFF established an international competition on digital arts, a worldwide education program in which ubiquitous technologies are used to create additional layers of reality for critical practices and freedoms, a series of open source software platforms and an Augmented Reality Drug.

REFF collaborates with art organizations, student groups, research institutions and all other subjects wishing to promote the freedoms to reinvent their world. REFF has received several official recognitions worldwide: it was hosted in the Cultural Commission of the Italian Senate, and was an official initiative of the European Community's Year of Creativity in 2009.


This world map shows all the initiatives performed by the REFF fake institution.

Artists and people joining in, workshops, exhibits, actions, performances, news updates: everything about the fake institution will be featured on the map so that you will be able to keep up to date on what is happening.

You too can be on the map!

If you feel your actions contribute, conceptually or practically, to the systematic reinvention of reality, or to the sharing and dissemination of knowledge, technologies and skills to invade the world's reality, please contact us! (link at top of page) You can join REFF, be added to the list of initiatives that we support and be exhibited and promoted by REFF wherever the fake institution will act, all over the world.



REFF produced a book, a collaborative effort among FakePress, DeriveApprodi, Art is Open Source and 60 authors, academics, artists, hackers, journalists, lawyers, activists, designers, performers, architects.

The book describes through theory and practices the possibilities, technologies, methodologies and opportunity for critical reinvention of reality. Mutating cities, bodies, objects, spaces, ethics and relations for new humans that take their future and imaginaries back into their hands.

REFF book is not only a book, but also a platform for expression. All the technologies used throughout the book are released as open source software products, to be used by anyone wishing to easily and accessibly produce cross-media content that can be used on paper, on bodies, objects and spaces.


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